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We are looking for speakers on the following topics:

Presentation proposals can now be submitted for the following groups of topics. The examples provide orientation on topics for presentations, tutorials and workshops. You can also submit proposals which fit a topic, even if they don't match the examples.

Contributions can be submitted in either German or English, except for the topic “Software Documentation”, which accepts only English proposals.

We will likely accept only a few lectures and focus mainly on tutorials and workshops.


Intelligent Information (German and English)

  • Managing information
  • Information acquisition, aggregation and syndication (from data-generated content)
  • User stories, use case-based writing
  • From topic to information object
  • (Service) information delivery
  • iiRDS
  • Metadata, classification methods and models
  • Integration with/in other business area(s)


Professional Language, Technical Translation and Localization (German and English)

  • Technical translation/localization
  • Terminology management
  • Rule-based writing
  • Translation-friendly, comprehensible and target-group appropriate writing
  • Writing in a non-native language
  • Language technology applications and methods for TC
  • Translation Memory Systems and processes
  • (Neural) machine translation (NMT) and post-editing


Information Development Process and Technologies (German and English)

  • Structuring and standardization
  • Modularization and efficiency
  • Cross Media Publishing
  • Automation processes
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG)
  • Content Management Systems (implementation, evaluation, linking etc.)
  • Integrative and Enterprise Content Management
  • Process optimization

Managing Technical Communication (German and English)

  • Managing personnel and tools in tech comm processes
  • Time and cost management
  • Organization of Information development processes
  • Management of international teams
  • Key figures for controlling the creation of TC
  • Key figures for measuring the quality of TC


Software Documentation (English only)

  • Introduction to API documentation
  • Software is everywhere – Information 4.0
  • Services and maintenance via software update
  • Machine operation via software
  • Agile software documentation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • New development and delivery technologies: Static websites, markdown, GitHub, etc.
  • Blockchain
  • Chatbots