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Charisma! How you inspire other people for yourself and your concerns.



We admire charismatic people: they present themselves and their concerns perfectly. They inspire others. They achieve - as it seems effortless - their goals. But is this charisma "innate"? Is it a gift that some have and others don't? Those who know the conditions under which charismatic effects arise can systematically build on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. In order to reach exactly this goal at the end: to present oneself and one's concerns in such a way that other people go along enthusiastically. This keynote is a journey to the inner fire. To the clear realization of one's own effect. It is a firework of the best tools of linguistic ability. It gives courage to appreciate, cultivate and shine one's own corners and edges. This speech challenges uniformity, boredom and unreflectiveness. 

Georg Wawschinek has worked for over 25 years as a journalist and coach with people who have this charisma - and those who are still working on it. He is one of the most renowned experts in the field of impact and rhetoric, who is booked worldwide when it comes to making your personality shine. He has analysed the basic characteristics and passes on his findings in this keynote. In 2018 Georg Wawschinek was honoured by the National Speakers Association with a special award - the Certified Speaking Professional.