International Networking Dinner

Stuttgart Airport; Sponsored by Contrad

Cocktails, Lecture, Dinner & Dance. Get your Boarding Pass!

The tcworld conference is an international meeting point for experts and guest delegates from all over the world. This evening is an excellent opportunity for networking and information exchange across borders. Come and meet people from different countries and industries in an informal setting.

Join us together with our Special Guest Scott "The Content Wrangler" Abel for a short presentation before dinner:

"Lip Service Isn't Enough: Why We Need a Unified Customer Experience"

Customers expect a unified and consistent experience. But, most organizations aren't set up to deliver what customers expect. Silos get in the way. They introduce confusion.They damage brand. They negatively impact loyalty. They decrease productivity. They increase costs. They do nothing to increase sales. It's not enough to dazzle prospects with flashy advertising and sexy marketing content. You have to continue to deliver by providing amazingly useful, relevant, and accurate information after they become customers. At every touchpoint. On every platform. Every time. Period.

Please note: There is only a limited number of tickets for sale. Therefore, we recommend registering soon!


DateWednesday, November 11, 2015
LocationStuttgart Airport, Terminal 1, Wöllhaf Banquet Center
Price/Person65 Euro including aperitif, dinner (buffet), beverages